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With the ever increase of living standard, people's demand on quality garment is not only limited to cover body or keep warm for people, but more and more on colors, trends and character of individuals.  A nice garment is not just a good clothing but reflects the taste of life, just like a nice printed silk scarf will trigger romantic imagination off a lady in the street of Milano or in Paris...
Systematic approach can ensure product quality and safety; automatic lines can increase capacity and efficiency, assure quality and reduce wastage; computer control can monitor and trace all processes from the accessories to final products.
HILOS FILO LTD. is focused on giving good quality yarns & threads at reasonable prices for garment & shoes making industry in the world.  Our factories are located in Hong Kong, China, India and Pakistan.  Our products are mainly classified in 2 categories: synthetic fibers group & natural fibers group.  The synthetic fiber group includes polyester, nylon, spandex, viscose rayon & acrylic.  The natural fiber group includes cotton, wool & silk.  Currently, we are supplying the following main products:-

- spun polyester yarns & threads; single & multi-ply
- core spun poly poly & poly cotton yarns & threads
- embroidery threads of viscose rayon & polyester
- high tenacity polyester filament threads
- textured nylon/polyester yarns 
- cotton yarns & threads
- spandex & spandex covered yarns
- wax threads, for footwear industry
- nylon/polyester fasten tapes
- polyester buttons
- nylon/polyester shoelaces
- nylon elastic bands… and etc.
We are well experienced in providing tailor-made solutions and before/after-sales-service.  Moreover, we are also in position to develop new products according to our customers’ need.  We hope our products & services can satisfy the best wishes & need of our esteemed customers in the world!